Donor relationships are just that: relationships. Like any relationship, you build and strengthen them through good communication. At Roundtree, we help nonprofits improve their communication with donors. Whether it’s a year-end campaign, monthly newsletter, or annual report, we write, design, and manage donor communications to set your organization apart.

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Our services are tailored for each client around three key areas.


Before a story is written or a campaign is created, you need to be able to clearly and simply articulate who you are and who you’re trying to reach. Our donor communication strategy will help you understand your own brand and the opportunities for growth.

  • Brand Identity

  • Messaging Framework

  • Communications Strategy

  • Website Design


Time to turn up the volume. Our team will write, design, and manage the production and distribution of donor communications whether it is for a new website, an email campaign, or a fundraising banquet.



It’s important to invite donors to be part of your mission. We create appeals and campaigns to inform donors and move them to action.


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Watch as Andy Jones, Founder and Managing Director at Roundtree, walks through our services.

What does Roundtree’s relationship with clients look like?

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Our non-profit clients generate over $100M in revenue per year and look to Roundtree to grow their donor base even further.



Multiple clients grew their donation revenue by 20% in 2020 using Roundtree’s services.



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