11 Steps to create your End-of-Year Giving Campaign

A great end-of-year giving campaign will engage donors and inspire them to participate in your nonprofit’s mission. Learn how to create the ultimate year-end fundraising campaign and grow your nonprofit today with these 11 short instructional videos. Plus, find examples from real nonprofits, big and small.

Print materials are an important part of your end-of-year giving campaign.

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End-of-Year Giving Campaigns

 11 lessons designed to grow donations and donor relationships.

Lesson 1: Intro to Year-End Appeals

There are a few basic best practices for year-end giving campaigns that are sure to help you grow your donations.  In this guide, we share our most effective tips, ideas, examples, & more.

Lesson 3: Before Your Letter

What is a “primer” and why is it essential to a successful year end campaign? We provide the answers and examples of well-done end-of-year campaign primers.

Lesson 5: End-of-Year Giving Campaign Letter, Part 1

Envelopes are the first thing that donors see when they receive your appeal letter in the mail. We look through examples & discuss the 3 best practices to keep in mind.

Lesson 7: End-of-Year Giving Campaign Letter, Part 3

The response device should always be about more than the transaction. Learn how and why you should offer a “yes”, ask only for essential information, & provide other ways to give.

Lesson 9: Email Timing

Good end-of-year giving campaign emails aren’t “one and done”. We discuss how often you should send them, and how to make minor changes throughout your campaign.

Lesson 11: Final Call

More money than you might expect comes in on December 31st. Learn how to create an effective final call to finish your campaign strong by being short and specific.

Lesson 2: Campaign Sequence

There are typically 3 channels that you should use when creating your end-of-year campaign: direct mail, email, and social. In this video, find best practices for your appeal’s sequence.

Lesson 4: End-of-Year Appeal Pieces

When designing your end-of-year fundraising letter, there are 3 things to consider: your envelope, letter, & response device. Each of these 3 things has unique attributes.

Lesson 6: Campaign Letter, Part 2

Year-end letters should be personalized and tell a story. They should also be easy to read and contain a clear call to action. Find out how you can be influential in mailboxes.

Lesson 8: Email Series

Your content will mirror your letter, but with an end-of-year giving campaign email, there are some unique things to think about. This example will give you real-life insights.

Lesson 10: Follow Up

Once you’ve sent your direct mail and email, it’s time to follow up. In this video, learn how to add new voices and urgency to your end-of-year giving campaign.

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