The Power of Simple


Simpler is better. Simpler is more powerful.

Think about it.

  • A movie with limited dialogue can capture your attention (ex: A Quiet Place).
  • The Mona Lisa impresses more than a mural.
  • A little black dress makes you stand out in a room.

People are constantly bombarded with words and images. We think we need to hurl more words and images in order to win their attention.

  • More content on your website or brochure doesn’t make your organization’s value proposition clearer.
  • More navigation choices don’t make your website easier to navigate.
  • More steps to complete a form or transaction reduces the number of people likely to do so.

Want to improve your marketing?

  • Find things to reduce or eliminate.
  • Minimize sentences and text.
  • Simplify processes.

Simple is clear. Simple is inviting.

  • The world’s largest shoe brand uses three words: Just Do It.
  • The most popular website features a blank search bar: Google.
  • The best-selling device has three buttons: iPhone.

More doesn’t make you look smarter. More makes you look complicated.

Keep it simple.


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