Roundtree Announces Collaboration with Mission Increase

Mission Increase (MI) of Portland, Oregon and Roundtree Agency of Chattanooga, Tennessee announced today they have entered into a formal collaboration as part of Mission Multiply, MI’s initiative to help nonprofit organizations clarify their story and improve their donor communications. 

Mission Increase provides free fundraising training to over 3,500 nonprofits organizations across the country through 28 strategically placed area directors. Marketing and communications play an increasingly important role in the growth of faith-based organizations. This new collaboration with Roundtree provides a resource to the organizations within MI’s network who need assistance with messaging and mechanics of donor communications. 

“​​It is common in the course of our work to discover that our ministry partners need help with clarifying their story and assistance in executing standard communications. Roundtree brings a deep expertise in creating and managing communication strategies for the type of organizations we serve. We believe this collaboration will ultimately benefit our partnering organizations in strengthening donor relationships,” said Danny Rohrdanz, Director of Mission Multiply for Mission Increase. 

“I have long admired Mission Increase’s work around the country. We have a shared passion to see faith-based organizations accelerate their work through stronger relationships with donors. It is exciting to use our complementary strengths to help nonprofits reach their full potential,” said Andy Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Roundtree.  

By connecting Mission Increase’s network with Roundtree’s expertise in creative communications for nonprofits, the collaboration enables each to continue their independent work while drawing on the strengths of each other. 

About Mission Increase

Mission Increase exists to equip givers and Christian nonprofit ministries to transform their communities together. Mission Increase’s program teaches ministries to embrace and deploy a biblical approach to fundraising so that ministries are more fully achieving their God-given missions and engaging more of God’s people in their work. Whether in workshops, group coaching, or one-to-one consulting with ministries MI helps ministries understand that biblical fundraising is an opportunity to minister to givers, inviting them to connect with the work God is doing and be transformed in the process. Learn more about Mission Increase at and Mission Multiply at

About Roundtree

Roundtree helps nonprofits clarify and amplify their message to create stronger donor relationships. The Chattanooga-based agency serves organizations all over the United States and helped them raise over $100M last year. They also host the Next Donor podcast, featuring expert advice from nonprofit leaders across. You can learn more at


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