3 Creative Ways To Strengthen Your Brand Position


A brand position is knowing what makes your business different and communicating it effectively. Most companies have a brand position but struggle expressing it. Creativity gives businesses an upper hand on conveying their brand value.

There’s more than one right way to communicate your brand position. Here are three creative methods companies often use to advertise their brand position.


Connect two things that at face value have no connection to one another. Insurance companies have taken this road lately with their advertising campaigns.

Geico recently launched a commercial with actor Ice-T sitting next to a neighborhood lemonade stand. Most of the commercial is spent creating humor around the surprising presence of Ice-T at a lemonade stand. The commercial then connects the actor’s unexpected presence with the unsurprising reality of saving money on auto insurance with Geico.

Geico wants consumers to count on them for low prices. They grab people’s attention by putting items in juxtaposition. It’s very effective.


Consumers are drawn to category leaders. If you are the “first” or the “top” in your industry, it brings instant credibility. Wal-Mart is the low price leader. CBS is America’s most-watched network.

Of course, the easiest way to claim a category is to create one! If you are Farm Bureau Insurance of Mississippi, you could claim to be the largest Mississippi-based insurer. It is true. State Farm may write more policies, but they are not Mississippi-based.

Much to Ohio’s chagrin, North Carolina claims to be “first in flight.” What is your category? If you can’t find it, create it and claim it.


The easiest way to establish a brand position is to associate your brand with something that already has a well-established brand position in people’s minds.

Apple has built several successful campaigns leveraging brand associations. Their first major campaign leveraged association with Orwell’s 1984. In the 90’s their Think Different campaign used associations with renowned innovators like Albert Einstein and Jim Henson. From 2006-2010, they even used our established perception of nerds to position themselves as hipsters compared to the PC.

Sometimes the easiest way to communicate your brand position is to tap into associations people already have established in their minds.

A brand position differentiates you from your competitors in the mind of your target audience. Whether it’s your price, quality, or service, you need to be able to communicate your differentiation in a way that grabs attention while conveying your value proposition.




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