Nonprofit Annual Report Examples

Here are three recent nonprofit annual report examples we’ve designed for clients. We believe healthy communication creates stronger donor relationships. Your organization is unique and your report should be unique. Click here to read more about the essential components of an annual report. 

National Campus Ministry Annual Report

This annual report is a great example of making people big. Photos are your best content. If you have good photos of the people you serve, make them bigger than you normally would. It will serve as a subtle reminder that people are the biggest part of your nonprofit.


Public School Program Annual Report

This annual report sesrves as an example of carrying a cohesive theme throughout a report. You need a template, shape, or component to run through the entire report that ties it all together. For example, if you use a circle on the front cover, use a circle throughout the report. It will make it easy on the eyes if readers aren’t presented with different colors and shapes on every page.


Donor-Advised Foundation Annual Report

The key part of this annual report example is simplicity. People don’t have time. If the report looks long or crowded with content, they’re going to pass on reading it. They want to learn but they don’t want to read a short novel. You’d rather have more empty space than too many words on a single page.

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