Your Organization Needs an Enemy


Strong brands are against something.

  • Walmart is against high prices.
  • Whole Foods is against processed foods.
  • Tesla is against fossil fuels.

Even non-profit organizations need an enemy.

  • IJM is against human trafficking.
  • Charity Water is against sickness/malnutrition.
  • Salvation Army is against homelessness.

If you want your organization to be known FOR something, you can make it clear by being AGAINST something. Your organization’s enemy is not a person. It’s a condition, behavior, or practice that people want to see reduced or eliminated.

Be specific.

  • Don’t just be against poverty. Be against payday loans.
  • Don’t just be against a lack of well-trained pastors. Be against the prosperity gospel.
  • Don’t just be against lack of access to medical care. Be against spina bifida.

Strong brands plant a flag. Draw a line of demarcation and invite people to stand with you.


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