A Tale of Two Data Sets


Data, Dating and Drip Marketing

Marketing is like dating. From first impression to final sale, every piece of content in between is like a date. Businesses convert sales after several of these dates or touch points. This is called inbound marketing.

How nice would it be to have data on a date letting you know how things were going? Was the date being received well? On which “date” or email sequence were people hopping off? Was it during dessert that the other party began to disengage or did you even make it through the appetizer?

James Dillon, Roundtree’s director of analytics and research, tracks the consumer journey through the “dating” process.

James tracks, analyzes and provides insight to clients on the customer courtship. He can tell you exactly how many times an ad was viewed and for how long. This Covenant College alumnus creates weekly analytics reports and sends microeconomic insights to Roundtree’s clients. Our clients learn how web visitors are coming onto their digital property.

These insights help steer our client’s marketing strategies. Data complements strategy by making campaigns more efficient.

James, whose training is in economics, shares two macro insights to help you think through everyday, micro decisions.

Define a conversion

What actions do you want future customers to take? Are there incremental steps leading up to the final goal? Do you want more leads through email captures? Or do you want more service purchases? Decide the action you want website visitors to take.

Every effort goes towards funneling customers to take this step. Insights from conversion tracking show you what’s working and how to get the most bang for your ad spend.

“Conversion tracking is fascinating, and it’s big right now,” James said. “People are beginning to realize that the money they spend is trackable. The results are trackable. And they can guide conversions to get the highest amount of ROI as possible.”

Defining a conversion is a big picture play, while final conversions are made up of a lot of little steps, or even small conversions, to get there.

“Analytics show businesses that sales aren’t happening with just one ad or touch point,” James explained. “Google Analytics is getting better at tracking all the minute touch points, and you can see the attribution across multiple channels that work together to make the conversion happen.”

Embrace the long game

Everything is marketing. While one mistake might not be a dealbreaker, a series of mistakes could lead to customers “breaking up with you” mid-journey. Present quality from the outset and every step of the way.

Drip marketing leverages a marathon-like approach to customer engagement. This strategy provides value to customers over time.

“Many of our clients offer services and products that are not purchased on a whim,” James said. “Services like a donor-advised fund are well-researched and thought out. Consistent messages, such as weekly emails that offer valuable content, inform and keep our clients top-of-mind and trusted. Selling is a lengthy process, and it’s important to map the consumer journey.”

Attrition is common in lengthy sales cycles. It’s easy to lose the less interested. So keep consumers by making the long game a priority.

Make quality a priority, too. How do you determine what’s quality and what isn’t? The response of the target audience.

Is your target audience opening your emails? Are the bounce rates low? Are they taking the call to action?

“It’s useful to see what’s working and what’s not,” James said. “Through Google Analytics, we’re able to make adjustments to social media and digital ad campaigns on the fly, so we don’t lose potential customers. This helps us better keep prospects in the funnel.”

Conversions are not overnight successes. Like dating, selling through an inbound marketing strategy takes time and tenacity.

At Roundtree, we develop the multiple touch points that lead to the final sale. We create clicks and customers for our clients–and James has the numbers to prove it.

Find out how a data-driven marketing approach will help your business grow. Contact us today.


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