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Customers are the most valuable assets of any business. It is true when it comes to marketing your business. Promoting the success of your clients is an easy way to create credibility and prove your value with prospective customers.

Every prospective customer has one question in mind: How will my life be better using your company’s product or service? The best person to answer the question is an existing customer. Through written stories, videos, and case studies, you can help prospective customers visualize the success they’ll experience by doing business with you.


Salesforce publishes client success stories on its website. The stories feature well-known and lesser-known companies. Salesforce is a big company. You can sort through their collection of stories by industry, product type, and even business size.


Shipt is a small but fast-growing grocery delivery business. On their homepage, they provide simple testimonials from people who benefitted from using their service. Notice, one testimonial is from a business owner while the other is an individual. Both highlight the fact that Shipt helps people increase their personal productivity.

Showcasing your customer success can be as simple as quote or detailed as a video interview. Either way, customer success stories provides valuable content for your website, email, and social media channels. Success stories enable customers to become ambassadors and verify your value proposition to others.