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Trust is at the center of a healthy relationship. It is true for all areas of life, including business. Companies flourish when they have a healthy relationship with their target audience.

Trust drives growth. 

  • People give their business to companies they trust (sales).  
  • People stick with businesses that have earned their trust (loyalty). 
  • People tell others about brands they trust (advocacy). 

Trust drives growth.

In fact, people will spend more money with a business they trust.

  • Why do people pay above average prices to purchase Apple devices? Because they trust Apple to produce quality devices.
  • Why do people pay above average prices to eat at Chick-fil-A? Because they trust Chick-fil-A to provide quality service.
  • Why do people pay above average prices for their family to vacation with Disney? Because they trust Disney to provide a quality experience.

People put their money where their trust is. People do give money to companies they don’t trust: cable companies, cell phone providers, local utilities, etc. They usually do so because they lack choices. When they have choices, they put their money where their trust is.

Marketing is about building trusting relationships. Marketing is introducing your business to people in non-intrusive ways, learning about them, and acting in their best interest. When people know and trust your business, they become more than loyal customers. They become ambassadors.


How do you market your business to build trust?

  • Provide free content that is useful to your target audience. It will position your business as a giver and helper.
  • Provide case studies and success stories. Your track record will give prospective customers increased confidence.
  • Personalize your business. Integrate key staff into your marketing, including their experience and insights.  
  • Be genuine. People are drawn to sincerity.
  • Provide demos and free trials. It will assure people that you have their best interest in mind.

Trust drives sales, improves customer retention, and creates ambassadors. Trust drives growth.

Your business has to move beyond traditional disruptive forms of communication to more relational forms of communication. Using content and digital marketing, you can enable your target audience to know you, like you, and trust you with their business.