B2B Marketing Case Study: Intel


Intel makes an ingredient. It doesn’t make the main dish. Consumers aren’t interested in ingredients like vanilla flavoring. They want to eat cookies. Intel doesn’t make or sell a product directly to consumers. They make semiconductors and chips found inside popular consumer electronic devices. However, they leveraged their position and launched the “Intel Inside” campaign.

Intel is a B2B who uses the marketing tactics of a B2C. They appeal to the end user. Intel makes money when consumers purchase Intel-powered products. Through mass-market advertising, Intel boasted about the power and speed of their technology. They encouraged consumers to look for the “Intel Inside” sticker on a product before purchasing it. The campaign even had a memorable jingle.

Consider the lessons for B2B marketing:

  • The person who buys your product may not be the person who uses or benefits from your product. Think about marketing to the end user.
  • Don’t be ashamed of being an ingredient or a small part of a larger product. In fact, use it to your advantage!
  • Technology can be complicated. Keep the message simple. Intel makes your device faster! Focus your marketing on the benefits of your product not the features of your product.

B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring. Intel proves you can even make your marketing strategy a competitive advantage. Every B2B has a unique story to tell. Think differently about your story. It may be bigger and better than you first realized.


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