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Your business website has two main purposes: tell customers what your business does and provide them with clear pathways to engage with your business. Most business websites are heavy on information and light on call to action. There’s no one right way to integrate calls to action on your website. There are a lot of wrong ways to do it.

A call to action is the imperative built into the content of your website:

  • Find the nearest location
  • Request a demo
  • Open an account

The call to action makes the next step clear to the customer. It is integrated into your commercials, print advertising, and billboards. Your company’s website is a marketing platform. The calls to action need to be clear in order improve your results.

Here’s two examples of websites with clear calls to action:

1)    QuickBooks

QuickBooks provides online accounting services for small business owners. Their website provides different ways for customers to engage with them depending on their stage in the buyer’s journey.

  • For those less familiar with the product, the imperative “learn” appears 4x’s.
  • For those ready to move forward with the product, the imperative “buy” appears 2x’s.
  • For those still uncertain, they offer a free trial 2x’s.

Everyone who visits your website is at a different stage. Your website needs multiple calls to action to keep them moving forward in the purchasing process.


2)    World Vision

Non-profit organization websites need clear calls to action like a business. World Vision serves children around the world. The goal of their website is to inform people about the importance of their work and get involved by sponsoring a child. There are at least 10 imperatives on their homepage: help, sponsor, get involved, send, give, and change. 

Your organizations’s website needs to make it clear what the next step is for those inspired by your vision. Whether it’s to volunteer, take a trip, give, or get trained, make it clear how people can connect.

Explore your own website. Look at it through the eyes of a first-time visitor and a returning visitor. Make sure the imperatives are clear, prominent, and relevant to customers at different stages. Improve the results you get from your website by improving the calls to action.